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Paris Battle Guide.

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Paris Battle Guide.

Post  Valsu on Mon Dec 06, 2010 6:29 pm

Paris is coming soon. I am posting this vid to get us ready for this awesome battle.

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Coolsam's info on Drako Tower to Paris

Post  ImNotATree on Tue Dec 14, 2010 12:09 am

Here's how the tower works for those of you who don't know:

-50 floors (There are shortcut scrolls but highest is 35-40 I believe.)
-Normal, Rare, and Hero mode just like Van Cliff
-Mobs level 63-71 (depending on floor)
-Bosses level 65+ to 70 (depending on floor as well)
-A level 70 Gaiden on floor 30 (High hp plus he heals a HUGE amount every second or so)
-A level 70 Kimart on floor 38 (He makes Vargo look like a baby)
-Zombie-like versions of old bosses on floors 40-49 (You will encounter Night Lord, Karkarous, and Pythanous boss clone often though)
-A level 70 Antares on floor 50 (Heals just like Gaiden but hits ALOT more)
-Gaiden, Kimart, Some Arkah clone, and Antares all drop their hearts depending on mode (Makes armor creation a pain right?)
-Paris RIGHT after Antares. She's level 73 and has tons of level 70 mobs backing her that all have huge HP.

Info on Paris:
-Level 73
-According to GPOTATO, 7.7 million hp on normal mode.
-3D movement in the room (Large and circular too)
-Knockbacks you if you stay too close (2.5k damage)
-Primary attack is red needles. Hit's 1k Hp AND Mp per hit. She either shoots several in 1 direction or several in a spinning fashion (You don't flinch so easy to escape)
-Light pillar attack that covers majority of arena. They hit high damage and knockback. (Killing potential high if knockbacked into other pillars)
-She can turn you into a frog. (It doesn't cancel from damage, and you cannot heal while frogged. Invoukers can cure it)
-Damage Reflection: Reflects 100% damage back at you. Lasts about 10 seconds. (This can 1-hit you most likely. A purple bar below her HP bar warns you if it's active. She takes less than a second to cast it though so little warning.)
-Reward after fight: Materials to make Zahurant weapons, Drako's jewelery set parts (Like Van Cliff it is a necklace and ring set), Level 67 light set pieces. (Materials + Jewelery is based on mode you fight her in.)

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Re: Paris Battle Guide.

Post  Shiang on Tue Dec 14, 2010 1:40 am

Look awesome! Cant wait to try it Very Happy

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Re: Paris Battle Guide.

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